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Green's Toronto focus on providing you with the flexibility of choosing the type of mortgage you need, that fits your unique situation. You will get to work closely with a trusted Mortgage Broker that will place you into a solution that is designed for your needs.

What we can help you with?

  • Buying a Home

    Buying a home is one of the biggest investments you'll make. We'll be there for you every step of the way. Finding a place to call home is exciting. Whether you're buying your first or next home, we will help you make the right move when it comes to your mortgage.

    Getting a mortgage pre-approval is a great first step when you're looking to purchase a home. This process will provide you with a specific dollar amount that you can afford and is quick and painless. Usually you can get pre-approved within 24 hours with the necessary income verification and supporting paperwork on hand. Your pre-approval holds the rate for 60-120 days, so if rates go up while you were shopping for a home, you can still get the low rate you were offered on your pre-approval. However, if rates go down you can still take advantage of low market rates.

    You have dreamed about it, planned for it, and you're ready to make the biggest financial decision of your life! We can help you open the door to home ownership and a better future. Investing in your own home really is like investing in yourself. Whether you've recently graduated, just got married or simply tired of throwing your money away every month on rent, you need the expertise of Green's Toronto to answer your questions. Remember, we work for you, not the banks or other lenders so you get unbiased advice.

  • Investment Property

    Buying an investment property is rapidly becoming the preferred investing method in recent times. Since real estate values usually rise as time passes, it is considered a secure option to invest in. Nonetheless, to enjoy a profitable investment there are certain factors that you need to consider before buying an investment property.

    Decide on whether you are going to hold on to the property for a increase in real estate value before selling or are you going to make profits within a few months by renting out the property. Each type of these investments comes with certain outcomes that require expertise and knowledge in that area.

  • Renewing and Refinancing

    Don't Renew, Renegotiate!
    Your mortgage renewal is your opportunity to renegotiate your mortgage and possibly save thousands. Automatically renewing your mortgage with your current lender could mean you don't get the best mortgage rate and terms you may qualify for.

    Are you thinking about undertaking that long-planned home renovation, dreaming about that great vacation, or wanting to pay off your credit cards? Maybe you want to start planning for your children's future education? A mortgage refinance may be your best option. Green's Toronto can provide you with choice, convenience and great counsel so you can select the best solution for your needs We work with many lenders to get you great rates, best terms and the features you want so you can use the equity in your home. It's just one way we can get your mortgage working for you!

  • Commercial Mortgages

    Commercial Mortgages fall into their own class of financial products. They are different because there is no standard methodology that all lenders use to underwrite them so they require a lot more expertise to successfully put together.

    Lenders typically underwrite each commercial mortgage transaction according to the merits of the proposal and the financial strength of the borrower. Once the lender is satisfied with the risk in funding the commercial mortgage or project, they will then decide on price. Contact the experts at Green's Toronto and they'll be able to help you build your commercial projects.

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