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Financial Planning Services

Financial Planning Services is a team of experienced advisors who specialize in taking a personalized approach to your financial future. We start with face-to-face meetings, then use our insight and an innovative approach to build a comprehensive plan that meets your current needs and your future goals.

The Financial Planning Body of Knowledge

The Financial Planning Body of Knowledge builds on the Canadian Financial Planning Definitions, Standards and Competencies to define the holistic nature and scope of financial planning for the benefit of the Canadian public, educators, students, industry firms and financial planning professionals. The FP- BoK can help guide your decision about the value of working with a financial planning professional for advice around your financial planning needs.

Two, in calculating the points for the age factor, the maximum points allowable are for persons between 20 - 29 years old. Commencing at 30 years of age, the points granted decrease by 5 for each year, so that at 45 years old, one receives 0 points. Three, for the education factor - PhD / Master Credentials are awarded a higher score, as are the entry-to-practice professional credential ( NOC level A that require licensing by provincial regulatory bodies, like pharmacists, professional engineers, medical doctors, CPA, etc.). Four, there are no additional points awarded for family members in Canada. Five, the definition of Canadian work experience and full- time employment remain the same.

A maximum of 100 points is available for the combination of transferable skill factors that include varied combinations of level of education, foreign work experience, Canadian work experience, official language proficiency and certificates of qualification. These factors are set out at sections 20 through 28 of the Ministerial instructions. Thus, the core human capital factors plus the transferable skills factors amount to a maximum of 600 points in total. If a job offer is available or a provincial nominee certificate - then an applicant will receive an additional 600 points, to a maximum of 1200.

In Canada, financial planners are known by many different titles. While some may call themselves a financial planner, others may be a financial advisor, financial consultant or investment advisor, to name just a few. This is because financial planning is not regulated in most Canadian provinces and territories.

Financial planners can also have varied training, qualifications and experience. Many financial planners have passed courses and exams in financial planning, and hold designations granted by an education provider or standards body. Others are also registered with their securities regulator to sell investments or provide investment advice. They may also be licensed to sell insurance or hold designations in accounting or estate planning.